Classic nursery designs that will grow with your child.

1. This bright and cheerful space with a handmade mobile.

Photo: almostmakesperfect/Instagram

2. This desert-inspired nursery featuring power-clashing patterns.

Photo: sarahsweeneyco/Instagram

3. This green and gold color scheme with a few DIY touches.

Photo: headygrimm/Instagram

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4. This subtly animal-themed nursery with pops of yellow.

Photo: jillian.harris/Instagram

5. This crib setup with a canopy in the corner and a faux-taxidermy llama head to boot.

Photo: jacksgot21/Instagram

6. This farmhouse-style twin nursery wrapped in shiplap.

Photo: houseon77th/Instagram

7. This vintage-meets-modern space that’s brimming with cozy texture.

Photo: carey_bears/Instagram

8. This sweet sanctuary complete with applied box moulding.

Photo: britt_horton/Instagram

9. This dark and moody nursery for a little guy with a lot of books.

Photo: havenbythebae/Instagram

10. This color happy space with a wallpaper mural inspired by The Great Wave.

Photo: lazymoms/Instagram

11. This room with a peachy keen paint job and boho decor accents.

Photo: mybreezyroom/Instagram

12. This eclectic space that boasts trendy indigo-dyed curtains.

Photo: _emilybolt/Instagram

13. This maximalist’s dream featuring funky banana-print wallpaper.

Photo: studiomunroe/Instagram

14. And finally, this Scandi-style nursery with clean lines and organic elements.

Photo: carlyamcdonagh/Instagram

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