Why replace when you could reface?

1. Add crown molding to builder basic cabinets to make them look custom.

Photo: houseofholder/Instagram

2. Crown molding can also be used to extend cabinetry to the ceiling.

Photo: marcusdesign/Instagram

3. Use removable wallpaper to spruce up a rental kitchen without sacrificing your deposit.

Photo: uptodateinteriors/Instagram

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4. Or, if you’re extremely patient and meticulous, use colorful washi tape.

Photo: studiomucci/Instagram

5. Paint honey oak cabinets to bring them into this decade.

Photo: becca_aylward/Instagram

6. Add some ‘jewelry’ to your kitchen by changing out the hardware.

Photo: katiehackworth/Instagram

7. Remove cabinet doors for instant open shelving.

Photo: saratoufali/Instagram

8. Wallpaper the inside of glass front cabinets in a striking pattern.

Photo: emilyijackson/Instagram

9. Or, paint them for an unexpected pop of color.

Photo: hollandavenuehome/Instagram

10. Amp up visual interest with fretwork on cabinet doors.

Photo: livabl_/Instagram, design by @clairejefforddesigns and @karendunninteriors

11. Brighten up your space using under cabinet and interior cabinet lighting.

Photo: kichlerlighting/Instagram

12. Paint lower cabinets a contrasting color for a modern two-tone look.

Photo: timouyangdesign/Instagram

13. Replace glass in cabinet doors with vintage-inspired metal grilles.

Photo: churchill_design/Instagram

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