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Interest rate hikes, new federal mortgage rules, and price swings: 2018 was far from quiet in terms of housing market news in Canada.

Some stories were bigger than others, so we’ve rounded up the 10 most popular market stories published in Livabl this year. Below, you’ll find everything from still-relevant forecasts to affordability measures.

1. Starting today, self-employed Canadians have a better shot of qualifying for a mortgage

On October 1st, new guidelines from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC) came into effect. Livabl explains how self-employed Canadians can benefit.

2. Three predictions on what 2019 could have in store for the Canadian housing market

A certain major Canadian city will continue to heat up: that’s just one takeaway from interviews Livabl conducted with industry experts this fall.

3. These are the 3 Canadian housing markets to watch heading into 2019

One is Montreal. Can you guess the other two?

4. It’s about to get easier to qualify for a mortgage for these 15% of Canadians

More stringent stress testing has been a hurdle for some mortgage applicants this year, but there was some good news for borrowers this year as well.

5. Here’s what the interest rate hike means for the Canadian housing market, according to experts

“People may ask themselves, ‘Should I get into the market now, because it’s only going to become more expensive in the future,’” one expert tells Livabl.

6. Priced out of Toronto? Here are Ontario’s most affordable housing markets

After looking at listings in Toronto, Thunder Bay (and a handful of other markets) might start looking pretty good.

7. Here’s what the next 2 years will look like for the Canadian housing market

CMHC lays out its expectations for the national housing market through 2020.

8. Here’s where interest rates are going to hit the Canadian housing market hardest in 2019

To ensure they stay above water, homeowners in some of Canada’s priciest markets may need to reconsider their personal expenses.

9. This chart shows how much Greater Vancouver home prices have climbed over the past 4 decades

The average sale price of a Greater Vancouver home was just $90,000 in 1977. The local real estate board shows how we got to today’s benchmark.

10. This bank says that the Canadian housing market is poised for a comeback

TD has its reasons for this prediction, and Livabl breaks it all down.

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