Photo: IKEA

The best holiday decorations are those that easily transition from ho-ho-ho to winter wonderland. After all the presents have been opened and the tree gets kicked to the curb, there are still three more months of winter to enjoy (or tolerate, depending on your stance). IKEA has mastered the art of winter decorating, and the photos of their latest collection offer plenty of inspiration. Keep scrolling to find out which decorating ideas we’ll be nabbing from the Swedish mega-retailer this season.

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1. Layered pattern and texture

Photo: IKEA

Florals? For winter? This might actually be groundbreaking. IKEA keeps theirs seasonally appropriate with richer, darker hues. We also love the addition of the faux shearling throw pillow.

2. Moody marble accents

Photo: IKEA

White marble is cancelled —this winter we’re favoring the natural stone in darker varieties like black, gray and green.

3. Minimal and modern wreaths

Photo: IKEA

Put away your hot glue guns and Michaels coupons because this year holiday wreaths are going minimal. So minimal, in fact, that you can leave them up all winter long.

4. Cloches with LED string lights

Photo: IKEA

If you’ve ever attempted to arrange LED string lights under a glass cloche, you know how difficult it can be to get it juuust right. Thankfully, IKEA’s version comes preassembled.

5. Jewel tone color palettes

Photo: IKEA

Jewel tones are kind of a winter staple, but with the rise of non-traditional Christmas colors it’s easier than ever to transition your decor using this saturated palette.

6. Disco ball decor

Photo: IKEA

This 70s dance floor fixture is already a popular accessory on Instagram (see design blogger Elsie Larson’s inspiring feed), but adding a disco ball to your winter decor mix will make the season extra sparkly.

7. Bottle brush tree displays

Photo: IKEA

Bottle brush trees have been around for decades, but this year they’re back in a big way. Nature motifs don’t scream “Christmas,” so it’s okay to leave these on display until the ground starts to thaw.

8. LED light hoops

Photo: IKEA

Good lighting is essential to creating a cozy atmosphere. Whether hung from the ceiling or arranged together on a flat surface, these pendants are sure to light up your night.

9. Gilded picture frames

Photo: IKEA

Baroque-style mirrors rank among this year’s must-have decor accents, but they also come with hefty price tags (…ahem, Anthropologie). Get the look without breaking the bank by repurposing a couple of thrifted (and gilded) frames, as seen here. They’ll add instant warmth to wintery decor.

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