We’re all prone to procrastination — even interior designers. Nikki Fisher-Gigault of NFG Designs Inc. decided to take part in the One Room Challenge, where participants have just six weeks to transform their space, following the birth of her son. “Our room was a disaster,” says Fisher-Gigault. “Our son had been in his crib for a few months, but his bassinet was still in here, clothes and baby blankets were everywhere, and at the end of the day, I wasn’t coming into a space where I felt well-rested in. It just stressed me out.”

Combining budget pieces with a few smart splurges, Fisher-Gigault gave her bedroom a fresh feel. Get her designer tips on personalizing your space and see how she made the oft-disputed ‘bed in front of a window’ arrangement work.

Video and photography: James Bombales

Producer and editor: Kelsey Pudloski

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