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The past few years have seen a rapid increase in the use of automation in our daily lives. Our phones can speak to us and understand voice commands, watches track heart rates and cars are almost self-driving. Empire Communities believes that your home should be as smart as all your other devices and has partnered with Enercare to provide new homebuyers a complimentary Smarter Home Essentials Package with every purchase. The package is included for three years and can be managed through one simple mobile app. After three years, the system is available at a discounted monthly rate or can be returned at no charge.


The full suite of smart home technologies is designed to make everyday living simpler, providing you comfort and peace of mind. The package includes the hardware, professional installation and access to the Smarter Home mobile app for real-time notifications, remote access and the ability to customize your automation settings.


It all starts with the Smart Home Hub — this is what collects and analyzes the data from all your home devices and sends it to your mobile app, ensuring you have all the information you need right in the palm of your hand. The system is extremely user-friendly and the best part is you won’t need to download multiple apps for all your devices or try to interpret trends or graphs on your own. Plus, all your devices are connected to a Google Home Mini smart speaker with Google’s voice-activated virtual assistant.

The Smarter Home Essentials Package includes a WiFi-compatible thermostat to control your home’s heating and cooling remotely through the app. This means you have the ability to control your home’s climate and temperature settings from your desk at work or your sun lounger at the beach. Homeowners can also program their thermostat based on their day-to-day schedule, reducing energy use and monthly bills.


Maintaining your HVAC system is a breeze thanks to the Performance Monitoring System that looks at both short- and long-term patterns in your equipment. If it senses an issue, such as a decline in efficiency, it will automatically alert you should maintenance be required. For added peace of mind, leak sensors can be placed under a sink, near your water heater, dishwasher or washing machine to detect any moisture or water leaks before they have a chance to cause significant damage.

To learn more about smart home technology and to see all available Empire Communities’ visit empirecommunities.com.

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