Styling tricks and tips for the coziest spot in the house.

1. Frame a beloved photograph and pair it with a bit of greenery.

Photo: michelle_janeen/Instagram

2. Lean an oversized mirror against the wall to make any room appear larger.

Photo: le_numinous/Instagram

3. Add height to decorative items using books.

Photo: sistersof4corners/Instagram

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4. Cluster a collection to give it more visual interest.

Photo: paperjar/Instagram

5. Amp up the texture with woven baskets.

Photo: cynthia_harper_/Instagram

6. Layer artwork, houseplants and decor for a maximalist look.

Photo: the_idle_hands/Instagram

7. Create a sense of balance by flanking the fireplace with sconces.

Photo: arrowsandbow/Instagram

8. Arrange an assortment of potted plants for a fresh feel.

Photo: pecikeramika/Instagram

9. Hang a wreath in an empty frame and switch it out seasonally.

Photo: livabl_/Instagram, design by Rebecca Hay

10. Buy or DIY a paper scroll sign.

Photo: the_cityfarmhouse/Instagram

11. Or, opt for a felt letter board if you can’t commit to just one message.

Photo: anitayokota/Instagram

12. Elevate a simple white mantel with a feathery Juju hat.

Photo: coco.kelley/Instagram

13. And finally, hang a wood bead garland to add instant pizzazz.

Photo: sunnycirclestudio/Instagram

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