Because preparing a feast for your entire family is hard enough as it is.

1. No napkin rings? No problem. Try a simple knot instead.

Photo: snippetandink/Instagram

2. Carve a pumpkin vase to use as a seasonal centerpiece.

Photo: amal__gamation/Instagram

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3. Create a festive triangle banner using scrap material or paper.

Photo: jaci.daily/Instagram

4. Use clothespins and sprigs of rosemary in lieu of place cards.

Photo: blogpapodecasada/Instagram

5. Frame a free printable featuring a Turkey Day message.

Photo: pnpflowers/Instagram

6. Use a plaid blanket as an impromptu tablecloth.

Photo: Pinterest

7. Utilize containers you already have to elevate fall favorites like pumpkins, wheat bunches and eucalyptus.

Photo: idreamofhomemaking/Instagram

8. And finally, integrate quirky antiques into your tablescape for added character.

Photo: James Bombales

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