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At any other time of the year, blood spatter art hanging on your gallery wall would certainly turn a few heads, but come October, the macabre is magnificent. Searches for “Halloween decor” yield more than 123,000 results on Etsy, and according to the company’s Trend Expert, Dayna Isom Johnson (who you may also recognize as a co-judge on NBC’s “Making It”), this year’s guide is all about “elevated Halloween.” Think miniature concrete pumpkins in lieu of cheap, plastic ones. Here are Etsy’s top four picks for Halloween decor that’s “more ‘pretty scary’ than spooky.”

1. Modern and industrial

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“Each year, Etsy sellers continue to re-invent and create fresh designs for Halloween staples, and now they’re leaning towards industrial-inspired materials,” writes Isom Johnson. Chunky steel skull paperweights, tumblers with anatomical accents, porcelain candle holders that resemble dripping wax and hand-poured cement pumpkins are all must-haves for 2018.

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2. True crime

Photo: EasonCassidyDesigns/Etsy

The third season of Serial is out and true crime fans everywhere are decorating their spaces with all kinds of mystery memorabilia. A printable ‘crime scene’ banner or mugshot backdrop would be an eerie addition to any Halloween costume party.

3. Mystical motifs

Photo: OlivePizzaParty/Etsy

Chilly October evenings are the perfect time to gather round a candlelit table with friends to read Tarot or affirmation cards. Mystical themes have worked their way into home decor as well, via palmistry prints and flickering prayer candles.

4. Modern skull planters

Photo: EMSAYstudio/Etsy

Skulls are a Halloween staple. This year’s interpretations are geometric and, once again, industrial — designed with warm metallics or concrete. According to Etsy data, there have been over 2 million searches related to “planters” this year alone, and the Isom Johnson predicts the hollow heads will be filled with air plants when October arrives.

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