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Cats have been domesticated for 10,000 years, and yet, it’s taken nearly as long to develop feline-friendly furniture that we actually want to display in our homes. Enter Tuft + Paw, a US-based company that provides high-quality and consciously made cat furniture that “both cats and humans will love.” Their modern designs include beds, scratching posts, climbing trees and litter boxes so sophisticated, one could be forgiven for forgetting what goes on in there.

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“Big-box pet store furniture is incredibly tacky, it’s mass produced at the cheapest price possible and uses gimmicks to attract interest,” says Jackson Cunningham, founder of Tuft + Paw. “Generally they’re made with the cheapest, indestructible materials like shag carpet. This would be unacceptable for ‘people’ furniture, but we’ve become accustomed to much lower standards for ‘pet’ furniture.”

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Tuft + Paw’s approach to design is much more complex than its pet store counterparts. The company’s product engineer conducts dozens of interviews with animal shelter employees and volunteers to gauge their reactions to basic questions — What makes a good scratching post? What makes a cat happy — and then consults a cat behaviorist before drawing up the initial concepts. “Next we build a prototype to bring to a shelter to watch the cats interact with it,” says Cunningham. “Then we iterate on the design until we’re completely satisfied with the product.”

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The site is a treasure trove of thoughtfully-designed cat furniture and accessories, categorized under titles such as Sleep, Climb, Scratch and Play. Tuft + Paw even offers a fifty percent discount when you donate any of their products to a shelter, and the company regularly gives back to non-kill cat shelters across the United States. Needless to say, their products will have your home looking good, and feline good (cat pun intended, obviously).

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