Small space, big taste.

1. Establish a singular, strong focal point.

Photo: designingatinyempire/Instagram, design by jhinteriordesign/Instagram

2. Choose a foot-of-the-bed bench that incorporates storage.

Photo: alainakaz/Instagram

3. Inject color without overwhelming the space by painting half the wall.

Photo: stadtelster_illustrations/Instagram

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4. Opt for sconces in lieu of table lamps.

Photo: ariellevey/Instagram

5. Allow your vanity to do double duty as a nightstand.

Photo: darlingnightingale/Instagram

6. Add a bedskirt to hide any under-bed storage.

Photo: simplyfrenchmarket/Instagram

7. Think vertically when it comes to displaying artwork and found objects.

Photo: brittanyshmyr/Instagram

8. Use a stool as nightstand (or extra seating when needed).

Photo: lovedbysheila/Instagram

9. Install a curtain system to separate the sleeping quarters if you’re a studio dweller.

Photo: fantasticfrank/Instagram

10. No room for a desk? Try a sturdy floating shelf.

Photo: scandinavianhomes/Instagram

11. Hang a strategically-placed mirror to make the room feel larger than it really is.

Photo: theplantydropper/Instagram

12. Pick sliding closet doors over space-hogging swinging doors.


13. And finally, a wraparound upholstered headboard makes a tight space feel instantly cozy.

Photo: qatar.coral/Instagram

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