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College dorms are unforgiving spaces. The lighting is bad, the mattresses are old and your design aesthetic may not mesh with your assigned roommate’s (“Take down the Animal House poster and no one gets hurt!”). But that shouldn’t stop you from personalizing your dorm and making it feel like home. Etsy’s latest trend guide is a compilation of dorm decor picks in the Etsy marketplace, geared toward those who are “#Adulting for the first time.” Scroll on to shop the five must-have trends of 2018.

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1. Monstera motifs

Photos: Monstera PosterMonstera Leaf Ring DishNight Light Wall Lamp,
Printable Wall Art

With 92,000 #MonsteraMonday Instagram posts and counting, the popularity of this leafy houseplant is on the rise. Searches for “monstera” on Etsy spiked 147 percent year-over-year, and sellers have responded with posters, ring dishes, wall lamps and printable art.

2. Celestial wall hangings

Photos: Constellation Wall bannerMoon Phase Wall HangingBrass Wall HangingMoon & Stars Hoop Wall Hanging

This next trend was written in the stars — searches relating to celestial wall hangings are up an impressive 252 percent. Hammered brass moon phase wall hangings and embroidered constellation banners can be hung on the wall with an adhesive hook. “No holes, no problem,” writes Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy’s trend expert and a judge on NBC’s new series “Making It.”

3. Female-focused decor

Photos: Girl Power PillowFeminist Embroidery Wall ArtYou’re like, really pretty Mirror DecalFeminist Art PrintMamas Pink Blanket

While feminism is no fad, there has been a significant increase in the number of searches for “future is female” (+149%) and “girl power” (+18%) in 2018, compared to the same period in 2016. Etsy encourages college freshmen women to “let [their] feminist flag fly high” with inspiring art prints, mirror decals, throw pillows, needlepoint and more.

4. Wall organizers

Photos: Pine Pegboard Wall ShelfPegboard Little SetMonstera Leaf Pegboard

Vertical storage is a must in a cramped dorm room. Searches for peg boards have shot up 60 percent in the past year, favored for their customizing capabilities. Corral your jewelry, hang up your hat or simply display your favorite knick knacks using one of these creative organizers.

5. Faux headboards

Photos: Half Mandala Wall Decal HeadboardBlush Linen Dorm Room HeadboardVelvet Dorm Room HeadboardChinoiserie Bed Headboard Wall Sticker

One of the biggest headscratchers of #adulting is realizing that upholstered headboards often cost more than the bed frames they’re perched on. Get the *look* of luxury with a headboard decal, or splurge on the real thing with a tall dorm-sized headboard that attaches to the wall with industrial velcro. Your neighbors will be envious of how put-together your space is — just don’t be surprised when they only want to hang out in your room.

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