These spaces are a bibliophile’s dream.

1. This minimal reading corner with floor-to-ceiling bookcases.

Photo: lichten_craig/Instagram

2. This blue-hued space that also includes a table for two.

Photo: suhailiisa/Instagram

3. Or this sophisticated retreat with the books shelved backwards (controversial, we know).

Photo: briangluckstein/Instagram

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4. This open doorway flanked by tall and narrow built-ins.

Photo: jamesfcarterarch/Instagram

5. This kid-friendly library with a table for completing homework assignments.

Photo: biblioteczka_justyny/Instagram

6. This ROYGBIV-ordered collection in a diamond-shaped shelving unit.

Photo: alyssa.designs/Instagram

7. This sun-drenched reading area with a cozy window seat.

Photo: crystalsinclairdesigns/Instagram

8. This hallway library that makes it easy to find the book you’re looking for.

Photo: pastelpalisades/Instagram

9. This asymmetrical bookcase design that creates an instant focal point.

Photo: californiaclosetsnashville/Instagram

10. And this eclectic reading space featuring bold color combos.

Photo: libbycameronllc/Instagram

11. This whimsical loft that’s brimming with books and twinkle lights.

Photo: styledbyohbeauty/Instagram

12. This welcoming space that perfectly balances masculine and feminine decor styles.

Photo: jandjdesigngroup/Instagram

13. This traditional home-office-meets-home-library with well-styled shelves.

Photo: deringhall/Instagram

14. Or this bedroom library that makes it easy to get a few chapters in before bed.

Photo: shelfjoy/Instagram

15. This vibrant teal library with an almost-hidden door.

Photo: hunkerhome/Instagram

16. This small Parisian apartment that utilizes floating shelves.

Photo: yiyinzhang/Instagram

17. This elegant, moody space filled with power clashing patterns.

Photo: annariflebond/Instagram

18. This adorable kids’ reading corner that encourages learning.

Photo: peachyparade/Instagram

19. And finally, this crazy creative staircase with reading material on every level.

Photo: morimsantossilva/Instagram

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