Who knew non-perishables could look this good?

1. This glassed-in pantry that looks like something out of a five-star restaurant.

Photo: smithhanesstudio/Instagram

2. This built-in ‘day pantry’ that allows everything to be tucked away neatly behind closed doors.

Photo: humphreymunson/Instagram

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3. This vintage-inspired pantry with a quirky green door.

Photo: alisonkandler_interiordesign/Instagram

4. This super efficient walk-in pantry that makes use of Lazy Susans, pull-out organizers and bottle racks.

Photo: inspiredclosets/Instagram

5. This pristine pantry featuring space-saving sliding barn doors.

Photo: organizeyourchaos/Instagram

6. These dual pantry cupboards with mirror-backed shelves that reflect light.

Photo: davonport_interiors/Instagram

7. This absolutely drool-worthy pantry with angular open shelves and penny-round tile flooring.

Photo: hiyapapayamom/Instagram

8. This separate, yet accessible kitchen pantry featuring shiplap-adorned walls.

Photo: organized_home/Instagram

9. This genius storage solution with retractable doors and a pop of color.

Photo: arentpykestudio/Instagram

10. This dreamy all-white pantry complete with a library ladder for those hard-to-reach shelves.

Photo: hayburnco/Instagram

11. And finally, this insane contraption that makes use of every square inch.

Photo: thehammerandnailinc/Instagram

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