Monocle Condos by Ashcroft Homes and Choo Communities is coming soon to Westboro’s master-planned Q West community. As the jewel of Q West, Monocle is a luxury residence designed to break the traditional notions of condo living by offering homeowners unprecedented opportunities to customize their living space and access individually-chosen amenities. Prospective homebuyers can now register at to receive the latest information and VIP status.


According to David Choo, president of Choo Communities, many Ottawans want a living space that meets the needs of today’s modern home buyer, without the stress of household upkeep.

“The knowledge most people have of condos is that you have to downsize your lifestyle. This doesn’t need to be the case,” says Choo. “Everything you’ve been accustomed to in a single-family home is what you can expect in Monocle.”


Monocle offers á-la-carte services such as an executive concierge, housekeeping, dog-walking, dry-cleaning, valet parking, a home-watch service, car detailing services, personal transportation services, professional event planning, interior decorating, moving assistance and even a skilled craftsman for general repairs in your home. This unique concept originated with a particular demographic in mind whose idea of customization is not typically met.

“The well-travelled, the collectors, those who appreciate the finer things. These people want the services of their choice that they have become accustomed to,” explains Choo. “We offer the feeling of personalization, and it becomes a very limited edition condo.”


Designed in partnership with both Rod Lahey Architects and David Blakely Architect Inc., the boutique four-storey building boasts a shimmering glass façade that elegantly reflects the surrounding greenspace and foliage.


Inside, only 62 suites are available with each presenting its owners a unique canvas for creative expression. The building’s clean lines and minimalist exterior is echoed inside, where a diverse array of suite and penthouse layouts offer open-concept floorplans and living spaces designed by Drake+Khan Design. Ten-foot ceilings, premium finishes and meticulous detailing abound, while spacious balconies and expansive windows provide a seamless connection to the outdoors.


Located at 91 Shannon Street, Monocle is at the centre of Ottawa’s desirable and amenity-rich Westboro neighbourhood. Exciting arts and cultural centres, shopping, theatres, galleries and music festivals are just steps away, while nearby Wellington West is rapidly becoming the dining capital of Ottawa with world-class bistros and lounges.


Suites at Monocle start in the mid-$600,000s and range in size from 800 square feet to 3,000 square feet. To learn more about the project visit or the presentation gallery at 98 RIchmond Road.

For more information call 613 909 0024.

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