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LA-based fashion designer Chris Stamp and freelance designer Maja Ganszyniec have teamed up with IKEA to create a collection of furniture, organizing solutions and clothing inspired by streetwear. For the fashion-conscious, the things we wear have value and meaning to us — shoving these items away in a dark closet seems almost disrespectful to the artistry. SPÄNST allows us to “organize and display our favourite and most prized possessions” while embodying a monochromatic and minimalist aesthetic. Scroll on for seven of our favorite items from IKEA’s new fashion and furniture line.

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1. Armchair, $199.00

Photo: IKEA

This wide-set armchair provides plenty of room for relaxation. With a black 100 percent cotton cushion and a steel frame, it’s both sturdy and sophisticated.

2. Transparent shoe box, $24.99

Photo: IKEA

If you’re a sneakerhead who is willing to camp outside on the sidewalk overnight, you should also be willing to invest in proper storage for your beloved collection.

3. Wardrobe, $199.99

Photo: IKEA

It’ll be hard to decide what’s cooler — your mesh SPÄNST wardrobe or that hand-embroidered bomber jacket.

4. Tabletop with trestles, $299.00

Photo: IKEA

Its high stature allows this storage-savvy tabletop to serve as a standing desk or DJ stand. Pair it with the standing support ($89.00) if you need a rest.

5. Hangers, $4.99/3-pack

Photo: IKEA

The sleek profile on these aluminum hangers adds even more style to your wardrobe.

6. LED light stick, $49.99

Photo: IKEA

These grown-up lightsabers are surprisingly versatile — affix one to the wall for a minimalist look or group them together in a corner to create a bigger impact.

7. Shoe/skateboard rack, $69.99

Photo: IKEA

Shoe racks can take up a lot of valuable entryway space. Free your floors with this leaning rack that stores shoes and skateboards vertically.

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