Use these design “rules” to revamp your living room.

1. Consider the shape of your coffee table and style accordingly.

Photo: kate.lavie/Instagram

A round tray paired with a rectangular coffee table is a match made in heaven.

2. Adopt the rule of three.

Photo: Pinterest

Odd-number groupings are more pleasing to the eye.

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3. Use a serving tray as a base.

Photo: life_in_the_village/Instagram

Corral your decor items in a more put-together way.

4. You can never go wrong with a stack of books.


Coffee table books can be expensive — pick them up at second-hand shops or garage sales.

5. Vary the height of your objects.

Photo: athomewithshanna/Instagram

This allows the eye to travel and gives the vignette dimension.

6. Use a decorative box to hide remotes.

Photo: oneofakindmiami/Instagram

Pretty and functional!

7. Change out your decor seasonally.

Photo: inspiredbythis/Instagram

If you live in a small space, the coffee table is a great spot to add a bit of seasonal flair.

8. Choose a color scheme that suits the rest of your space.

Photo: mandyenohome/Instagram

The palette should complement your decor, not distract from it.

9. Integrate greenery (real or faux).

Photo: sunwoven/Instagram

Whether you favor a fresh bouquet of flowers or a succulent that requires little watering, greenery is essential.

10. Don’t overcrowd your coffee table with knick-knacks.

Photo: hollywokr/Instagram

Sometimes less is more.

11. Understand the importance of texture.

Photo: rustichomemomma/Instagram

Texture adds instant warmth and interest to a space.

12. Simplify the second tier.

Photo: bluebelle66/Instagram

Stick to a few stacks of books — otherwise, it may look messy.

13. Don’t block sight lines with too-tall objects.

Photo: ninajizhar/Instagram

Because you want to be able to see your house guests when you’re speaking to them.

14. Decorate with items that are meaningful to you.

Photo: emilyeveryday/Instagram

Display souvenirs from your travels or family heirlooms.

15. Balance is essential.

Photo: sataraliving/Instagram

Don’t push everything over to one side. Ensure that the visual weight of your objects is balanced.

16. Select decor items that look good from all angles.

Photo: highfashionhome/Instagram

Pro tip: Avoid picture frames.

17. Choose a loosely-defined theme.

Photo: leilaniryderinteriors/Instagram

This can be as specific as ‘coastal’ or as broad as ‘black and white.’

18. And lastly, take your time when styling your coffee table.

Photo: rose.narmani/Instagram

Don’t just shop the clearance section of Home Goods and call it a day. Take time putting together a vignette that is a true reflection of your personality and style.

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