Don’t let square footage cramp your style.

1. This Scandi-style apartment uses factory-style windows to visually separate the sleeping quarters.

Photo: smallspacesdesign/Instagram

2. This attic apartment adopts the tried-and-true mirror trick to create the illusion of more space.

Photo: entrancemakleri/Instagram

3. This studio integrates hanging planters to free up valuable floor space.

Photo: gravityhomeblog/Instagram

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4. This enviable platform bed provides plenty of built-in storage.

Photo: 6sqft/Instagram

5. This studio dweller uses textured throw pillows to transform a bed into a sofa.

Photo: alexandragater/Instagram

6. This compact two-person dining table also offers sweeping city views.

Photo: stage_2_sell/Instagram

7. This studio uses scaled-down furniture to make the layout work.

Photo: linneainterior/Instagram

8. This eye-catching area rug helps to define the living area in an open-concept space.

Photo: medallion_corp/Instagram

9. This serene studio proves that it’s okay to add color to a small space.

Photo: miya1975/Instagram

10. This lucite coffee table allows light to travel through it, brightening up the entire studio.

Photo: mybiglittlespace/Instagram

11. This sliding barn door takes up far less space than a traditional swinging door.

Photo: lewilfridapparts/Instagram

12. This studio kitchen does double-duty with a built-in workspace.

Photo: eveliinalivin/Instagram

13. This apartment uses vintage crates as a coffee table and for extra storage.

Photo: 27quadratmeter/Instagram

14. This smart studio kitchen pairs a round table with two dining chairs and a window bench.

Photo: tracey_falk/Instagram

15. This bar cart on casters holds booze *and* books.

Photo: ultratapworldwide/Instagram

16. And finally, this studio apartment uses spare cabinet space only for necessities (like pretty shoes).

Photo: driamurphy/Instagram

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