Small fixes that make a big impact.

1. Replace the hardware (or spray paint existing knobs and pulls)

Photo: alidaugherty_/Instagram

2. Opt for a cheeky new shower curtain

Photo: buryyourbeauty_/Instagram

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3. Swap out dated light fixtures

Photo: kourtnileigh/Instagram

4. Replace the vanity mirror

Photo: overatkates/Instagram

5. Make use of open shelving

Photo: theheartandhaven/Instagram

6. Paint the cabinets a daring color

Photo: cementtileshop/Instagram

7. Hang up artwork (but stick to affordable prints in case of humidity damage)

Photo: jennykomenda/Instagram

8. Throw down a colorful rug or bath mat

Photo: hunkerhome/Instagram

9. Upgrade your shower head

Photo: houseupdated/Instagram

10. DIY a modern hand towel hoop

Photo: ainainteriors/Instagram

11. Use storage that doubles as decor (like baskets and jars)

Photo: ccandmikecreative/Instagram

12. Decorate with moisture-loving houseplants

Photo: anitayokota/Instagram

13. And finally, add a blanket ladder that is both practical and pretty

Photo: sunnycirclestudio/Instagram

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