Toronto is quickly becoming one of North America’s premier technology hubs. In the last year alone, the city added 22,500 new tech jobs, as best and brightest in the industry flocked to “Silicon Valley North.”

In the midst of this exciting time, Concord has launched its latest condo development — Central, a future proof development that’s perfect for the city’s growing pool of tech talent. Located in Toronto’s Entertainment District, Central is in the heart of the city’s tech hub, within proximity to countless startups and tech firms, including Shopify, Ebay, WeWork and Google.

Inside, it offers a host of innovative amenities and features. Here are six that make it the perfect fit for the future-forward condo buyer:

1. 100% WiFi connectivity

In a world where work rarely stays at work, connectivity is more important than ever before. Central offers extra-wide WiFi coverage in its elevators, parking garage and amenities, so you can continue having that important video conference wherever you are.

2. Shared office spaces

More than 1.7 million Canadian employees work from home at least once a week. Companies like WeWork offer co-working spaces for telecommuters to work in an office-like setting. Central residents can do so with ease and comfort by using the building’s high tech conference rooms. Frosted glass provides optimal privacy, interiors feature beautiful wood finishes, and state–of-the-art video conference equipment is available for use. If you prefer to have a meeting in a more casual environment, the lobby offers a lounge with plenty of space for you, your team, and your clients. All working spaces are also equipped with built-in wireless chargers for all of your devices.

3. NFC entryways

Tech-forward buyers will know that Near-Field Communications (NFC) is the go-to mobile technology for near contactless transactions. Central’s building entry features NFC tech, where your phone acts as your key, for easy and secure entry at all times.

4. Refrigerated parcel storage

Online grocery delivery will soon become the norm, and Central is prepared to accommodate this fresh-thinking trend. Built-in refrigerated lockers are available to keep grocery deliveries at the perfect temperature until you arrive home to pick them up.

5. Smart thermostat

Energy efficiency is a priority at Central, and every unit is equipped with state-of-the-art smart thermostat technology. Residents can monitor their usage remotely, and save money on heating and cooling bills year round. It’s the perfect solution for affordable green living.

6. 100% electric vehicle parking

Electric vehicles (EVs) will soon become a staple of our day-to-day lives. With this in mind, Central is the first Toronto condo to offer EV charging outlets in every parking stall, for optimal sustainable living (and a boost to your property value).

As Toronto continues to grow as one of the world’s primary tech hubs, it’s essential that the city’s condo market grows to meet the industry’s needs. For future-forward buyers looking for a home with the very latest in cutting edge technical amenities, there can be no better choice than Central. To learn more about this exciting development, be sure to register online at

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