In today’s competitive real estate market, developers have to place extra effort in capturing the attention of prospective homebuyers who are about to make the biggest purchase of their lives. New home builders have the added challenge of showing off a home or condominium that doesn’t actually exist yet. Unfortunately, the standard 2D floorplans found in many sales centres are simple, flat and intangible, making it difficult for consumers to conceptualize the space that they’re buying. Also, these black line floorplans do not resonate with Millennials and the younger generations entering the real estate market, as they grew up with high definition graphics and CGI movies.

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Just as realtors encourage sellers to stage their homes to help potential buyers visualize themselves living in it, developers must take the same approach through 3D architectural renderings and other interactive solutions. The strength of a rendering is in its ability to communicate how a space will look and feel, igniting an emotional connection by allowing clients to gain a better sense of the size and scale, painting a clearer picture of what they’re purchasing. is an Ottawa-based tech firm that specializes in digital visualization solutions for the real estate industry. The firm has worked with major condo and community builders and over 700 real estate agents across Canada. With new technology and software, is creating architectural visualizations that were previously impossible to produce. The team can bring projects to life with high quality 3D renderings, visuals and interactive experiences such as virtual reality. Recently, the team completed a major project (Hoem Residence – Jarvis St Toronto) that included both VR and web / mobile 3D rendered tours with Ryerson University and MPI Group that can be seen at

“With pre-sale being so critical in today’s market our sales support assets help bridge the gap between a potential buyer and their future home,” says Alex Comeau, Partner at “Through the use of high quality visualization tools, homebuyers can get a better sense of their potential living spaces and have more confidence in their purchasing decisions.”

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The firm’s visualization tools have helped homebuilders lower their model home carrying costs through the use of photo-real visualizations. The digital content is designed to generate leads, cut sales time, reduce insecurity and enhance the experience of buying and renting real estate.

With an accessible and responsive team of professionals and support staff, works closely with its clients to identify their needs in order to create beautiful, fully customized visual representations of their projects, all at a competitive price. Their in-depth approach and close attention to detail ensures that all objectives are met and delivered on time and on budget.

The firm’s full suite of services include ultra-realistic 360 degree panoramas, breathtaking interior and exterior 3D architectural renderings, Architectural animation, and 3D floorplans that utilize a cross-section of layouts uniquely customized to builder specifications. They also have custom solutions such as their 3DNavigator platform that can be used to display interactive site-plans, track inventory and generate qualified online sales leads.

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To further enhance the visual experience, also offers immersive virtual reality tours that enable customers to “virtually” step into a floorplan, choose their finishes and explore the building’s amenities. Not only does VR create a unique and unforgettable experience for the buyer, it also eliminates the need to carry the costs of a standard model home. These 3D Interactive tours are also easily displayed on the web, giving anyone with a computer or mobile device the ability to explore the future build from the comfort of their home.

“Our focus on offering a proper end-to-end solution is another example of what sets us apart,” says Alex Comeau. “I think VR has a time and a place, but it is equally important to make sure we are reutilizing the assets across multiple platforms — mainly web and social spaces. This ensures that traffic is being captured online and your return on the marketing material is being maximized.”

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