Granite is great and all, but have you heard of basalt?

1. Brushed granite

Photo: housetweaking/Instagram

Offering the look of soapstone at a more wallet-friendly price.

2. Quartz

Photo: kimk.styledwithlace/Instagram

An easy-to-maintain engineered stone available in a wide variety of colors and finishes.

3. Butcherblock

Photo: designsbyashleyknie/Instagram

Requires regular refinishing, but adds a warmth to the kitchen that can’t be matched.

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4. Corian

Photo: didonecomacchio/Instagram

A solid surface material that’s stain-resistant and nonporous.

5. Cement

Photo: cementtileshop/Instagram

Prone to water spots, but offers a modern industrial aesthetic.

6. Terrazzo

Photo: thelittleinterior/Instagram

A fixture of the 70s that is making a major comeback.

7. Glass

Photo: thinkglass_official/Instagram

A one-of-a-kind look, but obviously susceptible to cracks, dents and chips.

8. Stainless steel

Photo: kitchensbydeane/Instagram

Durable and sanitary, but not recommended for those who can’t stand the sight of fingerprints.

9. Polished granite

Photo: restorationhouse/Instagram

A smooth and shiny finish to a natural stone surface.

10. Laminate

Photo: jesswasserman/Instagram

Probably the best bang for your buck — this Italian white marble-esque laminate design is from Wilsonart.

11. Marble

Photo: devolkitchens/Instagram

Much softer than granite (and therefore prone to scratches), but undeniably gorgeous.

12. Honed granite


Offers a more subtle, matte look.

13. Soapstone

Photo: alyssakapitointeriors/Instagram

Non-porous and heat-resistant, but quite expensive as most of it is imported from Brazil.

14. Porcelain

Photo: alisonstrickland/Instagram

Because it’s a manufactured material, you can control both the color and pattern.

15. Agate

Photo: scavoliniusa/Instagram

A Pinterest dream come true — the agate slabs are likely sealed with polyester resin.

16. Basalt

Photo: Pinterest

A volcanic rock with a dark, moody feel that is surprisingly easy to care for.

17. Live edge wood slab

Photo: fabrik_a/Instagram

Provides a charming rustic look, but must be re-sealed on a regular basis.

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