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The concept of fast fashion has been readily adopted by the furniture industry. While furniture is more affordable and widely-available than ever before, mass production has contributed to deforestation and landfill waste. This Earth Day, consider making your next furniture or decor purchase from a retailer committed to environmental sustainability. Not only is it good for the planet, it’s good for your health — many of the products featured in this list are made with low-VOC finishes and without the use of harmful fire retardants. Scroll on for our top eco-friendly home decor picks.

1. Reclaimed Teak Mudroom Bench & Hanger from VivaTerra, $799.00

Photo: VivaTerra

Why buy a bench for your entryway when you could opt for an all-in-one landing zone instead? This piece from VivaTerra is made by artisans in Indonesia using 45 percent recycled teak wood and 55 percent recycled metal. It features 11 hooks for hanging hats, jackets and scarves, while the bench component offers open lower storage.

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2. Retro Two-Tier End Table from Manchester Wood, $329.95

Photo: Manchester Wood

All of the furniture at Manchester Wood is made in America and crafted from sustainable Northwest hardwood. This two-tier end table has a bit of a Mad Men vibe with angular legs and a perch for resting your Old Fashioned.

3. Modern Show Wood Bed from West Elm, $899.00 – $1,199.00

Photo: West Elm

Even large manufacturers have begun seeking out ways to produce sustainable, low-toxicity furniture. Currently, 29 percent of all wood used by West Elm is sustainably-sourced. The Modern Show Wood Bed is an FSC-certified product, which means the wood was harvested from a forest that is managed responsibly.

4. Wren Bookcase from Cisco Home, contact for price

Photo: Cisco Home

The Wren Bookcase from Cisco Home is simple, yet sophisticated. It has two separate units that fit into one another and can be arranged according to your taste. The piece is made of reclaimed peroba wood — a tree native to Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Paraguay — and cold rolled steel.

5. Stu Dining Table from Stem, $1,999.00

Photo: Stem

We didn’t think it was possible for a dining table to look sexy, but here we are. Each made-to-order piece of furniture is handcrafted by Stem in their Los Angeles factory. The wood (in this case, solid maple or walnut) is domestic and FSC-certified, and the product is finished off with a non-VOC water-based stain, zero VOC natural hard oil and zero VOC glue. So, yes, this table is clean enough to eat off of.

6. Chelsea Apartment Sofa from Joybird, $1,699.00

Photo: Joybird

This perfectly-sized sofa is so stinkin’ cute we’d buy one in all 18 colors if we could. The frame is handcrafted from sustainable, kiln-dried hardwood and premium upholstery. Joybird has partnered with local conservation groups to ensure that for every product sold, more trees are planted than were used in the manufacturing of that furniture piece. Pretty cool, right?

7. Velo 8’ x 10’ Rug from Article, $399.00

Photo: Article

Put a little spring in your step with this tri-toned area rug from Article. The Velo rug is hand-woven with strips of recycled bike tire rubber and recycled plastic bottles, which makes it feel wonderfully bouncy underfoot. It’s suitable for indoor or outdoor use and comes in four eye-catching color combinations.

8. STOCKHOLM 2017 Chair with Cushion from IKEA, $229.00

Photo: IKEA

Okay, okay, we know IKEA and sustainability don’t exactly go hand in hand (although, to their credit, they are trying). That said, rattan is a naturally renewable palm, which makes it a great choice for sustainable furniture. The STOCKHOLM armchair is handmade by skilled craftspeople and every piece has its own variations.

9. Luna Sea Room Divider from EcoChic, $879.00

Photo: EcoChic

We’ve all heard of reclaimed barnwood (thanks, Fixer Upper), but have you ever considered reclaimed boatwood? All of the colorful products from EcoChic are handcrafted from Southeast Asian fishing boats, and the wood is marine-grade, so the pieces can be used indoors or outdoors. Even the panel frames on this gorgeous room divider are made of reclaimed bridge iron.

10. Bamboo 8-Bottle Rack from Inmod, $55.00

Photo: Inmod

Sustainably-minded and on a budget? Look for items made from bamboo, yet another renewable resource. Oenophilia’s geometric bottle rack is like a piece of art for your countertops. It’s incredibly durable and features a timeless design, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

11. Merde Throw Pillow from Alexandra Ferguson, $97.00

Photo: Alexandra Ferguson

Swearing in French just sounds better, doesn’t it? That is, unless, you’re swearing in Québécois French and throwing around all sorts of Catholic terminology. Anyway, merde means shit, a cheeky word we love to see scrawled across an unassuming throw pillow. This particular pillow happens to be made from 100 percent recycled felt and pillow inserts derived from plastic bottles. In fact, one pillow equals about 16 recycled plastic bottles.

12. Mid-Century Mini Desk – Oregano from West Elm, $399.00

Photo: West Elm

It can be exceedingly difficult to find affordably-priced, sustainable furniture, but West Elm hits both marks with their line of FSC-certified products. This chic mini desk is suitable for small spaces, and features a lacquer finish in oregano, white, or its natural wood grain.

13. Heinz Beanz Can Light from Willem Heeffer, $86.36

Photo: Willem Heeffer

Willem Heeffer is a designer based in Helsinki, Finland, known for his upcycling work. He’s crafted pendant lights out of espresso machine boilers used in coffee factories, drums from discarded washing machines, and here, oversized cans of beans collected from local cafes and restaurants. Even the ceiling plug is made of a recycled tuna or pineapple can.

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