After years having to sit through days of tedious paperwork to buy a home, buyers will now be able to purchase a new construction home with the click of a button.

That’s because BuzzBuzzHome is proud to announce the launch of BuyNow, a brand new feature that allows users to purchase a home using only their credit card. As of today, buyers can purchase units at Barra on Queen, a new condo development in Kitchener, ON.

As North America’s largest and most comprehensive listing of new construction homes, BuzzBuzzHome has been buyers’ go-to destination for up-to-date pricing, floor plans and renderings for years. With the launch of BuyNow, once a user has explored a new construction development, they can make a purchase without ever looking away from their screen.

Barra on Queen will also feature BuzzBuzzHome’s inventory management system, Daypack. Launched in 2017, Daypack gives the homebuilder’s sales team real-time access to Barra on Queen’s inventory, allowing them to easily track which units have been sold.

The Daypack software passes information along to the BuzzBuzzHome database, providing it with up-to-date information on available home inventory. This means buyers at home will know exactly which units remain available for purchase.

BuzzBuzzHome co-founder Matthew Slutsky has said for years that buyers are ready for a fully-online home buying experience.

“Consumers are becoming far more comfortable with the idea of purchasing higher-priced items online,” he shares. “And, for buyers looking at new construction homes, everything we’ve observed from years of serving this industry indicates these consumers are ready for an online purchasing option.”

Polocorp CMO Joseph Puopolo agrees: “Partnering with BuzzBuzzHome and DayPack was a no-brainer,” he says. “Their digitally savvy and excellent solution will be an important part of the way Polocorp launches projects going forward. Barra is only the first of many projects that will be BuyNow and Daypack enabled.”

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