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10 hilarious home listing photo gaffes that’ll tickle your funny bone

Mistakes happen, but they shouldn’t happen to your home listing. One questionable photo can derail an otherwise strong listing and leave prospective buyers wide-eyed for all the wrong reasons.

This round-up of 10 of the most unfortunate home listing photos includes misplaced children, creepy butlers and desperate cries for the Geek Squad. And, as usual, may the odds ever be in your favor that none of these photos are yours.

1. Thank you, Miss Wynn

Photo: forsalebyowner.com

Our first listing comes out of Del City, OK, courtesy of a “Ms. Wynn.” It features an 884-square-foot, three-bedroom, one-bath “cute” home. And, apparently, “the owners are out and are ready to make a deal.” The roof, windows and siding were all redone recently — all of which are clearly on display in the various screenshots of the home from the listing site Zillow. While the home does, in fact, appear to be quite cute, we have to question the dubious use of screenshots from another listing site. Be it laziness or technical ineptitude, we’ll pass on this one, Ms. Wynn.

2. So near and yet…

Photo: forsalebyowner.com

We head over to Lebanon, OR, for this 1,800-square-foot, three-bedroom listing. The house was built in 1970 and is touted as having been well taken care of. The home has had several updates, including a new roof and Brazilian Koa hardwood floors, which look quite nice in the nearly two dozen supplied photos. However, like a crack in an otherwise perfect slab of pavement, a screenshot of a shed from the homeowner’s photo library makes the entire listing fall to pieces. Seriously, we have to wonder how it’s somehow easier to take a screenshot on your device of a photo in your library, and then upload that screenshot to your listing, rather than just upload the original photo in the first place? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

3. Does this belong to anyone?

Photo: forsalebyowner.com

This listing is for a 2,200-square-foot, three-bedroom home in Lock Haven, PA. The house is 16 years old and has a new roof and all new electric circuit breakers. It also apparently has a random toddler, who can be seen running through the home and tying his shoes. The homeowner fails to mention said toddler in the list of the home’s amenities, so we’re not entirely sure the kid is included in the $115,000 asking price. At least it wasn’t a streaking toddler this time — but still.

4. Hazardous to your eye health

Photo: forsalebyowner.com

Our next listing should come with the warning: could be hazardous to your eye health. The three-bedroom Barboursville, VA home is described as “charming” by the homeowner, boasting a furnished basement (more on this later) and a “nice” shed. In fairness, the shed is nice enough, but the basement is blindingly tacky. The space is currently being used to house not one, but two bedrooms, as well as the laundry room. Both bedrooms are cluttered with copious amounts of “stuff.” It’s so bad that your eyes literally just don’t know where — or what — to focus on. Even worse, one of the basement bedrooms has a walk-in closet that is as awful as you are picturing it. Less is always more.

5. Objects may appear larger than they really are

Photo: forsalebyowner.com

Next, we head on south to Antioch, TN for this three-bedroom listing. Appliances are fairly new, and there’s a large deck with a shingled roof for all-weather use. One of the home’s bedrooms also features a rather large and curiously-pointed telescope, which makes us wonder what — or who — the room’s occupant is gazing at. The listing does mention “friendly neighbors.”

6. You rang?

Photo: forsalebyowner.com

Our next listing, “a private oasis in the heart of it all,” is located in Little Rock, AR. As if to prove their boast, one of the home’s bedroom’s features a wet bar and fireplace. Okay, we’re sold. The home’s biggest selling point, in our humble opinion, is the creepy butler. While we highly recommend scrolling through the listing’s 20-some-odd photos to experience the surprise of stumbling across him yourself, we’ve included a photo of said butler below. Worth every penny, plus, you don’t have to provide room, board or health insurance. It’s a win-win.

7. Get them while they’re young

Photo: forsalebyowner.com

This Lafayette, IN listing continues the inappropriate kid photo trend. The four-bedroom home on a wooded corner lot is a “excellently maintained” “stunner.” The walk-out basement includes a custom-built oak bar with brass foot rail, beadboard stained ceiling, and custom wool carpeting from a New England mill in the gameroom. And here is where we find our inappropriate kid photo — a clearly underage patron sitting lackadaisical at said bar, waiting for a drink (we presume). Now, we know the 5th grade can be a little stressful, but let’s not encourage underage drinking, k?

8. One of these is not like the others

Photo: forsalebyowner.com

The homeowner of this “lovely” Union, ME post and beam construction, 3,500-square-foot home included a small library of photos to showcase the home’s many positive attributes. Namely, its open floor plan, an attached one-bedroom in-law apartment, and “warm hardwood floors that keep things cozy and large windows that allow for plenty of natural light throughout the house.” The photos do a fairly good job of selling the home, but one photo is not like the others — the open floor living area. If you look closely at the date stamp on the photo, it is 6 years old — which makes us wonder why the homeowners didn’t (or couldn’t) attach a fresh, current photo of this room too? Eh, in the immortal words of Sweet Brown — “ain’t nobody got time for dat.”

9. *Random people not included, sadly

Photo: forsalebyowner.com

We’ll say this upfront, we totally love this Vinalhaven, ME house. It’s very Addams Family-esque, but not as creepy. The 3,800-square-foot, six-bedroom home has tons of character and charm, and is an official historic landmark. The homeowner does a very admirable job of ably photographing the home’s many rooms, and nooks and crannies. However, when we picture ourselves in a home, we generally don’t like to picture other random strangers sitting on our porch, laying on our grass, or sleeping in our bed. These kinds of photos tend to bring out cranky get off my land-type thoughts. That aside, this is a heck of a home for $390,000.

10. A picture is worth a thousand words, more or less

Photo: forsalebyowner.com

Our final listing takes the old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” to a whole new level. The listing hails out of Portage Lake, ME and features an 864-square-foot, three-bedroom log cabin home. The details are sparse — and that’s being generous, we assure you — but the photos are plentiful.

Photo: forsalebyowner.com

And, the photos are photos OF photos. Yes, you read that correctly — every single one of the listing’s photos are photos of actual paper photos...wait for it...taken in 2015. Trying to make sense of the photos, and the decor, we can only hope nothing has changed in the three years since the homeowner snapped these pics.

Photo: forsalebyowner.com

Though, on the upside, there are no random strangers or streaking toddlers. Still...

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