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On early Tuesday morning, a political art piece crafted from plywood appeared in Trinity Bellwoods Park. While it has since been removed, it attracted plenty of attention from onlookers who posted photos of the sign to social media. Shaped like a graph depicting Toronto’s rising home prices, it states, “The real estate market is destroying this city.”

The y-axis measures home values — beginning at $400,000 and peaking at $900,000 — while the x-axis represents the years between 2008 and 2017. The remainder of the laser-cut sign reads:

A Gentrification Tax will:

  • Stop house flipping and other predatory real estate practices
  • Halt the displacement of mid to low-income residents
  • Redirect profit from the local real estate market to local affordable housing

A Gentrification Tax is a declining percentage tax — from 100% at year one to 0% at year ten of the after inflation increase in home price. Income from the tax is used to support local community-controlled housing initiatives such as land trusts and cooperatives.

BuzzBuzzHome shared a photo of the sign on Twitter, and our followers had some strong opinions about it, plus a few jokes.

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