With January behind us (side note: why the heck did it take so long?), we can finally focus on embracing the last six weeks of winter. For some, this means strapping on skis and hitting the slopes, while others prefer relaxing at the lodge with a drink in hand. Even if you don’t have the opportunity to escape to the mountains this winter, it is possible to recreate that warm and cozy ski chalet ambiance in your own home.

To achieve the aesthetic, we turned to interior designers Tracey Sawyer and Kajsa Krause of the New York-based hospitality design firm Krause Sawyer. Together they’ve crafted sophisticated, yet comfortable interiors for some of the biggest hotel brands in the world, including Canopy by Hilton, W, Westin and Andaz. Here they share five tips on how to nail the chalet chic look at home.

1. Decorate with natural elements

Photo courtesy of Krause Sawyer, Canopy by Hilton Washington DC The Wharf

“To create an alpine feel, use fur, sheepskin, wood, logs, and leather, along with natural, textural fabrics like raw linen,” says Sawyer. Keep your furnishings neutral, and pepper in rustic accents like a tree stump side table or a pair of shed antlers. “The key is using natural, yet refined textures and materials.”

2. Let there be light

Photo courtesy of Krause Sawyer, Canopy by Hilton Washington DC The Wharf

“Use lighting, pendants and lamps to create intimate zones,” suggests Krause. “A 2700K light bulb is a good color to use — it emits a yellowish white light, which is warmer than natural daylight.” Switch off harsh overhead lighting and opt instead for a sculptural candelabra or an assortment of glass votives. “Candlelight is excellent for smaller, intimate and animated settings, and scents can add to the wintery ambiance,” says Sawyer.

3. Warm up ‘cold’ spaces

Photo courtesy of Krause Sawyer, Canopy by Hilton Washington DC The Wharf

Unless you’re lucky enough to have radiant floor heating, your bathroom is likely a shiver-inducing space during the winter months. “You can create warmth in a bathroom by adding candles and warm robes, a furry floor mat, a luxurious towel and a towel warmer,” notes Krause. “All of these are great additions for the winter and a great way to stay warm once you’re out of the shower!”

4. Add a portable fireplace

Photo courtesy of Krause Sawyer, Canopy by Hilton Washington DC The Wharf

Chalet-style hearths come in all shapes and sizes — some are traditional and clad in rough stone, while other are sleek and suspended from the ceiling. If your home isn’t equipped with a fireplace, there are a number of portable options that are surprisingly chic. “Ecosmart Fire offers both indoor and outdoor fireplaces in a variety of iterations that are stylish, functional, and help to set the mood,” explains Sawyer. “Their ethanol fire fixtures come in multiple sizes, so you can customize your selection based on the space available, and where within your home you’d like to create a cozy, intimate area around which to gather.”

Chalet getaways are all about embracing the outdoors, regardless of the temperature. Sawyer recommends placing a portable fireplace on a patio, terrace or backyard to create an outdoor fire pit area with comfortable seating around the perimeter — just don’t forget the faux-fur throws and mulled wine.

5. Choose wintery hues

Photo courtesy of Krause Sawyer, Canopy by Hilton Washington DC The Wharf

During these dark and gloomy days, it can be tempting to brighten up your interiors with vibrant pops of color, but Krause and Sawyer suggest sticking to the season. “This time of year, we’re drawn to natural wintery colors — whites, off-whites, greens, bright sky blue and grays,” says Krause. In the bedroom, choose a soothing color palette that will help you drift off to sleep after a long day on the slopes (or, let’s face it, at the office). To dress your bed like a 5-star hotel, Krause recommends selecting materials in a series of shades within your chosen palette. “Then add textures in small and large patterns within the palette for each layered piece,” she says.

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