Itching to get out of your post-college rental?

If you’re looking to upgrade from your man cave, you may want to check out the new duplex show homes in the growing community of Edgemont in Edmonton’s west end.

Created by Brookfield Residential, the community features a range of housing options including the Alma home, cheekily dubbed the “Dudeplex” for its masculine vibes. You can opt for two floor plans: a three-bedroom layout (which could mean a roommate plus an extra room for an office), or a two master-suite layout, each with its own ensuite.

Residents will have an attached garage to keep their cars safe and secure during Edmonton’s long winters. There’s also extra room to store bikes and sports gear, and the unfinished basement offers plenty of room for workout equipment and a pool table.

Of course, the real work starts once you’ve moved in. It’s time to redefine your idea of the man cave. If you want to step up your décor — and impress your guests — make sure to invest in these home essentials.

1. Leather couch

This is the pièce de résistance in any guy’s new home. A leather couch adds instant maturity and warmth to your living room and signals a serious space. It’s not cheap, but it’ll last you a heck of a long time.

2. Toolset

Expect to embrace your inner handyman in your new place. You’ll inevitably be building furniture and doing home improvements over the years. A solid toolset with all the basics — screwdriver, wrench and hammer — will make your DIY projects that much easier. 

3. Wall art

Thought those tacked on movie posters and sports jerseys added character to your rental? Not so much in your new swanky pad. That doesn’t mean you should toss them aside. Install a framed gallery to add class to your wall art, or even better, spring for a full-wall mural.

4. Wine glasses

Goodbye solo red cups, hello sophisticated drinkware. Oh, and no more drinking straight out of the bottle. If you want to cheers with your partner, do it right.

5. Shoe rack

File this under things you never realized you needed until moving into your own place. You might have gotten away with kicking off your shoes at the door before, but you’ve invested in some serious dollars into your new home. Declutter your entrance with a shoe rack to make that first impression count.

6. Area rug

Your new digs are sporting some slick hardwood, and pairing it with a rug will help fill up any space. Plus, plopping your feet on a cozy shag rug in the morning is something you’ll never stop appreciating.

7. Entryway table

Misplaced mom’s birthday card? A table near your door will keep your mail organized. Don’t worry about losing your keys, though. The Dudeplex is equipped with a smart-tech package, which means your smart phone acts as a key, thermostat, security camera and garage door opener.

8. Plate set

No, not the chipped set of mistmatched dishware you’ve been carrying from rental to rental. We’re talking a quality set of dishes with colours or patterns that will impress your guests. One of the perks of owning your own place is being able to entertain whenever you like, so be ready to have anyone over for dinner, from your parents to your college roommates.

9. Plants

Nothing brings a room to life like plants. Don’t let the thought of taking care of a life form stress you out. Just set up some low-fuss snake plants and succulents near some windows and remind yourself to water them every weekend.

10. Coffee maker

Ordering double doubles might be how you used to roll, but it’s time to upgrade to an artisan brew. Invest in a new coffee machine and the dollars you save each day will quickly add up. Better yet, set up a designated coffee station in your kitchen where you can cultivate calm in the mornings.

11. Bar cart

Thought you would stash your stockpile of liquor in a kitchen cupboard? Think again. A bar cart alerts guests to your generous offerings and lets you dust off your old bartending skills.

12. Bedding

Owning a place means overnight guests. Do them a favour and have a set of fresh sheets ready, including pillowcases and duvet covers. That goes for your own bed, too.

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