If 112 Ocean Avenue, AKA the famed “Amityville Horror” house, gave you nightmares, then this massive Georgia home just might keep you up for days.

The sprawling one-story home stretches out over 1.3 acres, has nine-bedrooms and nine-baths, and is over 8,000 square feet in size. It’s been vacant for over a decade — no wonder it’s being sold “as is.”

Time and the elements have not been kind to 3210 Wiltshire Drive. The listing says the home will require new HVAC systems, new electrical and plumbing, and a new roof. This is in addition to the “extensive interior repair and updating” already required.

On the upside, the modern home sits back from the road, has an in-law suite and a detached four-car garage.

The home comes with a $600,000 price tag for a “buyer with vision.” All we can say is, what we saw made our skin crawl and gave our gooseflesh gooseflesh.

If you dare, let’s take a tour and see why 3210 Wiltshire Drive is perhaps the creepiest home on the market right now — but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

1. Keeping people out, or something in?

Photo: Redfin.com

The only thing missing from the leaf-covered entry gate picture is a giant “keep out” sign. Truly, this is normally the first harbinger in every horror movie. And, usually once our hapless actors cross through a gate such as this one, bad things are quick to follow.

Photo: Redfin.com

The gate at 3210 Wiltshire Drive also looks an awful lot like the one from the Linda Blair cult classic Hell Night from the ‘80s —

Photo: Redfin.com

— Google it.

2. The lived in look, or undead look?

Photo: Redfin.com

Nothing says welcome to your new home like bars on the windows. While from this angle, the home doesn’t appear to be in too shabby a shape, the desperate need for some TLC and landscaping is readily apparent. We almost hear our feet crackling on the brittle dead leaves as we approach the home, feeling as though we are being watched from one of the over two dozen visible windows. It’s also slightly interesting that the drapes are in as good condition as they are, and as white as they are, given a decade of neglect. Also, some of the drapes are parted as if someone, or something, enjoys peering out. Creeped out enough yet?

3. A garage made for Christine

Photo: Redfin.com

Spooky attics, basements and garages are staples in any good scary movie. And a side shot of the home reveals the lauded four-car garage, and it is as creepy as everything else we’ve seen so far. Indeed, the only car we can picture calling this garage “home” is Stephen King’s haunted Plymouth Fury, “Christine” — and we’re not so sure she’d be game. To say that the garage has seen better days is an understatement, and we can only imagine what creepy crawlies now lurk in there — and we’re not inclined to find out, either!

4. Pick a door, any door

Photo: Redfin.com

A series of foliage-covered concrete steps leads to a very ominous looking front door, and given that the exterior lights are also snared by overgrowth, we can’t help but wonder how scary this scene would be under the cover of darkness. The photo also reveals a second door, slightly left of the main entrance. We imagine the choices would go something like this: to die a horrible death, use the front door, or to die a gruesomely painful death and live as a ghost trapped inside the house forever, use the door on the left. Or, just turn around and never look back. We like the third option the best.

5. Rainy days and haunted houses always get me down

Photo: Redfin.com

The extra-creepy dial turns up rather quickly in the next photo. A long discarded umbrella in shambles rests against the wall, near a door with bars on it. Foliage, living and dead, hangs off the roof and covers the floor. Vines creep their way up the side of the home, for even more of a haunted house effect. And if you look closely, a lone sneaker dangles from the branches of a tree. We’re not asking how it got there, or where its mate might be — or the owner, for that matter.

6. Great for outdoor entertaining

Photo: Redfin.com

From what we can see, the yard is a virtual cornucopia of horrors, and offers a tiny peek into the home itself — our only look at what may await us inside this creepy dwelling. The outdoor grill clearly hasn’t been fired up, or cleaned off, in many a summer. Upturned chairs and a tattered outdoor umbrella add to the yard’s warm and fuzzy vibe. There’s also a strange, and oddly clean, lamp sitting on a table that looks both out of place and out of time.

Photo: Redfin.com

Peering inside the home, a few scattered boxes and trash are easily discernible, but strange shapes and shadows lurk further in the darkness — just waiting for that buyer with vision, that’ll move in and stay forever. Literally.

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