Photo: Pottery Barn Apartment

The brand synonymous with oversized slipcovered sofas and four-foot tall tufted headboards is scaling down its furniture for a new line dubbed PB Apartment. After a year of declining sales, Pottery Barn has shifted its attention toward urbanities residing in small spaces. Available in both the United States and Canada, the collection features compact living room, kitchen, bedroom and patio furniture, plus creative organizing solutions and hip decor accents. Select items are listed at ‘everyday value’ prices, which is marketing-speak for ‘cheaper than what you’d expect from a Pottery Barn catalogue.’ Scroll on for our top five picks from PB’s much-hyped Apartment collection.

1. Turlock coffee table, $249

Photo: Pottery Barn Apartment

Pottery Barn, you’ve changed! This rustic industrial coffee table with slatted wood shelves is a departure from the company’s classic, clean-cut image.

2. Dublin stackable shelving unit, $69 – $276

Photo: Pottery Barn Apartment

How cool are these scissor gate-style shelving units? Perfect for high-ceiling lofts, the shelving units can be customized to fit your space. Purchase a set of four and add on individual units if needed.

3. Rainier galvanized storage cart, $79

Photo: Pottery Barn Apartment

The beauty of a storage cart is it has so many uses — store dishes, office supplies, beauty products, fine spirits, whatever your heart desires.

4. Thalia bed, $999 – $1,199

Photo: Pottery Barn Apartment

Crafted from beautifully weathered and super sturdy mango wood, the Thalia bed is low to the ground and features a dramatic headboard. Pair it with the matching bedside table and dresser for a cohesive look.

5. Wall-mounted bike rack, $34.99

Photo: Pottery Barn Apartment

Free up that narrow hallway by hanging your bike from this handy rack. Store your work bag on the washed wood shelf above and you’ve got yourself a functional landing station.

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