A clean fridge is a happy fridge.

1. First things first: take everything out of the fridge, throw out expired items and wipe that baby down.

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2. Buy or DIY fridge liners to clean up future spills with ease.

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3. Get yourself some stackable clear plastic bins and label them.

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4. Arrange your shelves like the image below to optimize freshness.

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4. Create a self-serve health snack bin for the kiddos.

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5. Prevent food waste by using external reminders.

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6. Store lettuce (or entire salads) in mason jars to lock in freshness for up to one month.

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7. Use Pyrex storage to reheat leftovers in a jiff.

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8. Save space with can organizers for beer and soda.

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9. Use egg trays prevent strong food odours from penetrating the egg’s shell.

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10. Store fresh herbs in a few inches of water and pop a plastic bag over the top to keep them perky.

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11. Arrange your condiments on a Lazy Susan.

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12. A six-pack carrier is also helpful for condiments you use on a daily basis.

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13. If your shelves are extra deep, consider adding hook on pull-out drawers.

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14. Store pre-cut veggies in separate containers to save time when you’re cooking.

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15. A stackable wine rack is a must for pinot grigio drinkers.

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16. Keep masking tape and a Sharpie close by so you can label containers and jot down  expiry dates.

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17. And finally, purchase some beer loft magnets to free up much-needed shelf space.

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