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Tree skirts are out, and crates are in. If you’re looking to lend a farmhouse feel to your holiday decor, consider building a wooden crate to disguise a plastic tree stand. Designer carpenter and TV handyman expert Chris Palmer put together this easy step-by-step guide to show us how to assemble a Christmas tree crate of our own.

“I recommend using an environmentally certified brand like MicroPro Sienna pre-treated wood as you really want something that is safe and non-toxic for pets and small children,” explains Palmer. Put your woodworking skills to the test and impress your holiday guests with this rustic Christmas tree crate.

Photo: MicroPro Sienna

1. Before you start, first make sure your wood is completely dried. Then measure out the base that holds your Christmas tree. This either is a round base or an X base, both will have a maximum dimension, use this to create the inside of your box.

2. Using 1×6 MicroPro Sienna fence boards, cut the height you require for the outside of your box. Add 1.5” to each length to allow clearance off the floor. To count the number of boards per face, divide the width by 5.5” and then you will know the amount required. So for 20” face you will need 4, as the actual number is 3.6.

3. Create a frame using 2×2 Micro Pro Sienna cut the vertical pieces to match the height of your fence boards, then use the inside measurement you took from the base and cut the horizontal pieces at this length, plus 1” for clearance.

4. Screw the horizontal 2×2 pieces to the vertical 2×2 pieces to create a cube frame.

5. Now mark the center and attach you first fence board to the center of the frame and work your way left and right of the center to make a symmetrical pattern. With any overhang, mark the overhang with a pencil and then simply rip it on the table saw.

6. For the inside, you’ll need to measure the distance between the walls. Take this number and cut more fence boards and then nail them in place to create floor that is on top of the lower portion of the frame.

7. If you want to get extra fancy, take a 2×4 and cut it to match the size of the opening of your box so that it overhangs the outer edge and lies flush with the inside. Pre-drill and screw it into place to create a top lip.

8. You have now completed the perfect Christmas tree crate – feel free to add an “X” pattern on the front or a “V” to give it a little more detail.

Photo: MicroPro Sienna

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