Clear the clutter, bring on the ZZZs.

1. This warm, textured space with a sleek metal bed frame.

Photo: witanddelight_/Instagram

2. This cozy, feminine room with hints of black.

Photo: ariellevey/Instagram

3. Or this “minimal masculine” bedroom with just enough throw pillows.

Photo: thefauxmartha/Instagram

4. This snug setup that says ‘nay’ to a conventional bed frame.

Photo: leantimms/Instagram

5. This simplistic, yet plant-filled retreat.

Photo: juthamat_by_jem/Instagram

6. This light-drenched bedroom with warm wood floors and a matching bed frame.

Photo: studio_nahili/Instagram

7. This verdant oasis that’s brimming with organic materials.

Photo: restoring_home/Instagram

8. This pale blue bedroom that uses a round mirror to reflect natural sunlight.

Photo: theheartandhaven/Instagram

9. This earth-toned escape with southwestern accents.

Photo: kaekooshop/Instagram

10. This greyscale bedroom with winter linens and woven baskets.

Photo: the_stables_/Instagram

11. This dark and dreamy space featuring a foot-of-the-bed settee.

Photo: elizabethlawsondesign/Instagram

12. This natural and neutral bedroom with a floating shelf to hold artwork and decor.

Photo: forestbound/Instagram

13. This moody-hued bedroom with caramel leather accent pillows.

Photo: littlehouseoffour/Instagram

14. This bohemian, yet clutter-free space with airy open windows.

Photo: alysestudios/Instagram

15. And finally, this soft, soothing bedroom with geometric wall art.

Photo: katiehodgesdesign/Instagram

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