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If you barely have time to cook at home, a smart sous-vide machine might be your solution to countless nights of takeout.

Mellow is a high-tech, app-controlled device that uses a sous-vide technique to cook food to a perfect temperature, texture and taste. Mais, qu’est-ce que c’est sous-vide? It’s a method of cooking food in vacuum-sealed plastic bags, which are then placed in a temperature-controlled water bath for an extended period of time. The sealed bag allows the food to cook in its own juices, making it incredibly succulent and tender.

Created by a tech start-up based in Portugal, Mellow is ideal for users who have little time to whip up a gourmet meal after a busy day at work. The smart machine can cook anything from steak to eggs, exactly to your preference. The creators claim your food will never be undercooked, overcooked, raw or dry.

Photo: Mellow/Facebook

Large enough to fit meals for up to six people, yet compact enough to sit on top of your counter, Mellow includes a weight sensor, refrigeration system and a double-walled tank for energy efficiency. Mellow can cook all types of foods, such as various meats, fish, sauces and soups.

Here’s how the sous-vide machine operates — first, items are placed in a food-safe bag, which is then dropped into the device’s water. Mellow includes a refrigeration system that keeps food fresh until it is ready to cook. Using Mellow’s app, users can select the type of food they’re cooking, what texture and taste they would like it to have, and what time they would like it to be ready for.

Mellow is ideal for time-strapped individuals who crave a hearty, restaurant-quality meal. Before heading to the office, simply put a piece of seasoned chicken in a zip seal bag, place it in Mellow, and then set the temperature and time. Your chicken will be cooked to your satisfaction by the time you walk through the door. Mellow could also be used while you’re sleeping, to prepare perfectly poached eggs in time for breakfast.

Photo: Mellow/Facebook

With remote control, Mellow can be monitored using your smartphone from any location. Mellow’s app will ask for feedback to improve your future sous-vide experiences, and it can even make cooking suggestions. Over time, the smart device will also learn about your preferences and cook meals accordingly.

Mellow starts at $399 USD. For more information visit the website here.

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