These 12 homeowners share the dubious honor of taking the funniest unintentional selfies while photographing their home.

From unsuccessfully sneaky to clear full body reflections, and random residents caught in the background, this dreadful dozen is sure to amuse. And for other homeowners taking the plunge and selling their home on their own, let this be a lesson — beware reflective surfaces when snapping a photo. Otherwise, you may just turn up in our next for sale by owner listing post round-up.

In no particular order, here are the 12 worst (or best?) unintentional homeowner selfies we’ve seen, so far:

1. So close, but fail


Our first listing comes out of Herkimer, NY. And while the homeowner did an admirable job of photographing their four-bedroom, three-and-half-bath home, they still managed to capture their own likeness in one of the home’s bathroom mirrors — despite clearly trying to cling to the wall to stay out of the shot.

2. No hiding behind flash photography


This Norwich-Oxford, NY listing features a three-bedroom home with 1,400 square feet of space. Many of the listing’s photos are hazy and out-of-focus, but the homeowner himself is clearly visible in one photo of the home’s living room. No amount of flash can obscure the reflection in the mirror.

3. Let’s see your jazz hands


Our third listing comes all the way from Liverpool, New York, and features a colorful three-bedroom, two-bath split-level home. While photographing the home’s green and teal colored living room, the homeowner caught his full reflection in a wall mirror, in an equally colorful shirt and his hand raised in a classic “jazz hands” pose.

4. Double trouble


This housedress wearing homeowner in Hastings, NY managed to photograph herself not once, but twice in her home’s bathroom mirror — once at a reasonable distance, and another in close-up.


We were only surprised she didn’t catch herself for a third time in the photograph of the bathroom’s brightly illuminated vanity.

5. Step away from the bush, sir


While our fifth listing out of Fort Plain, NY doesn’t exactly feature a homeowner selfie, the homeowner still managed to capture what we can only assume is another resident meandering around the property. The interior of the 4,000-square-foot four-bedroom, four-bath home resembles a Victorian funeral parlor, complete with fuzzy photos and a black cat for extra spook. The listing makes no mention of the wanderer or if he is included with the bill of sale.

6. Going for a high score


This Mount Vision, NY listing features a four-bedroom, two-bath home on 11 acres of land, as well as a “growing” meat business. Most of the photos that accompany the listing are lackluster compared to the promise of owning a growing meat business, but the homeowner took no effort to kick their child off their X Box to snap a photo of the home’s TV. Yes, their TV — nothing else in the room is visible. We’re left wondering why the homeowner teases us with the promise of acreage and meat, and only delivers a kid and a video game. Very disappointing.

7. Blink and you’ll miss it


This listing out of Lincoln, NE is for a “fantastic” four-bedroom, two-story home with three full baths — and one sneaky homeowner. If you breeze through the listing’s photos, you might not catch the homeowner’s iPhone creeping into the bottom right of the frame. We had to wonder how many photos the homeowner attempted before stepping out of the room entirely so only their smartphone remained visible, and wished the homeowner had posted some of those photos as well.

8. Don’t blink, part two


Our next listing also hails from Lincoln, NE, and is for a “spectacular custom built, one-owner home on Capitol Beach.” And if you look closely, you can see clearly see the one-owner staring back out at you in the flat screen TV. It looks as though the homeowner was trying not to be seen, as he’s positioned himself to the extreme right of the room, but alas was just not far enough not to catch his own reflection.

9. Mirror, mirror on the wall


This lovely three-bedroom home located on a cul de sac in Schofield, WI is near both the YMCA and a Target shopping center. The homeowner is clearly visible in a bathroom mirror, lazily standing at the door in a bright multi-colored tie-dyed shirt. Whether she dressed up for the photo opportunity or not remains unclear from the listing itself.

10. Still more mirrors


The photos accompanying this listing out of Tigerton, WI reveal the homeowner’s deep-seated love of nick-nacks. In several photos, said nick-nacks are overwhelming to the eyes. However, our sore eyes still managed to catch sight of the homeowner’s reflection in a bathroom mirror. We were slightly disappointed he wasn’t wearing any nick-nacks.

11. We can still see you


Our next-to-last listing comes out of Antigo, WI. The two-bedroom, one-bath home appears to be mostly empty and likely unoccupied in the accompanying dimly lit photos. While attempting to photograph the home’s only bathroom, the homeowner stood what looks like a full room away — and yet, even in the dark, we can see his reflection in the bathroom mirror. Almost never counts.

12. Not quite sneaky enough


Our final homeowner listing comes is a “charming” colonial out of Wooster, OH with three bedrooms and two baths. The homeowner did a better than average job capturing their home with a digital camera and not a smartphone. How do we know they used an actual handheld camera you are no doubt wondering? Because the homeowner and their camera are clearly visible trying not to be visible in one of the home’s bathroom mirrors. If he had only ducked down another foot or so, he would have blended in with the decorative glass jar on the vanity, but we probably still would have caught his reflection.

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