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Olly has a leg up on the competition — not only does it understand a range of basic commands, but the IndieGoGo-funded home robot goes the extra mile by learning your routine and habits, and adapting to them.

Proactivity is what sets Olly apart from Alexa and other similar smart home devices. Olly is aware of your schedule and patterns, and then processes the information to be able to act on it before you even have to ask, say its creators.

In other words, Olly learns that when you have a bad day you like to dim the lights and jam out to Celine Dion. Based on voice patterns, if Olly detects that your mood is stressed or sad, it will help make your environment as pleasing as it can by adjusting lights, temperature and even playing your favorite uplifting tunes.

Olly learns to be proactive in two ways — by the user defining actions and by learning by awareness. That is, either you tell Olly what you want, or Olly learns your preferences by observing you. Either way, the user is always 100 percent in control of Olly, it will only be as proactive as you allow.

Photo: IndieGoGo

Users can “train” Olly simply by asking questions, like “what’s the weather this morning?” Olly will remember and tell you the forecast the next morning without prompting.

Similarly, if you ask Olly to “play Led Zeppelin,” the next time you ask it to “play music” you just might get “Stairway to Heaven.” Over time, it will “learn” when you prefer to listen to music and ask you on its own if you’d like to hear some music.

Olly can remember appointments, birthdays, and even exercise routines. It can also help you reach your goals by offering the right advice at the right time, according to its makers.

Aside from hearing you, Olly can also see you. It can learn to recognize people both visually and by the sound of their voice. Olly can also understand why you’re doing certain things, and even anticipate what you’re going to do based on behavior and offer helpful suggestions.

Photo: IndieGoGo

Olly can connect to many smart devices like Nest thermostats, and most apps including internet radio, social media, and email. Powered by a traditional wall outlet, it weighs only two pounds and is easily portable.

The smart robot can be accessed via a smartphone app, and users can also connect to Olly by using WiFi or Bluetooth technology as well.

Olly was fully funded on IndieGoGo, and sells for $499. It is expected to ship in March 2018.

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