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Sonic Soak is a new device that uses the latest ultrasonic technology to deep clean every day items in your home — clothes, food, flatware, razors and even delicate infant items.

The IndieGoGo-funded device safely and effectively removes dirt, bacteria and even pollen by using modulated ultrasonic waves and water to clean on a microscopic level. It not only uses less energy and water than a conventional washing machine so it’s better for the environment, but delivers a superior level of cleaning, its creators boast.

Photo: IndieGoGo

According to its IndieGoGo page, operating Sonic Soak is a breeze: simply fill a container with water, drop in your dirty items, and submerge Sonic Soak so it can deliver a power sonic boom of clean.

Photo: IndieGoGo

It can literally deep clean anything that’s safe to submerge in water, so no to smartphones and tablets. But it can sanitize fruits and veggies and other edibles, remove stains from fabrics, super clean eyeglasses, children’s toys, and jewelry.

Delicate fabrics, like silk and cashmere, are also safe for deep cleaning with Sonic Soak. The makers of Sonic Soak claim that their device is even gentler than hand washing your most delicate of delicates.

Photo: IndieGoGo

Sonic Soak is a little over four inches in length, about the size of a smartphone, and weighs a mere four ounces. It is also quiet — Sonic Soak operates at a frequency above human hearing. So, in theory, using it at home or in a hotel in the wee hours of the night won’t wake or disturb the neighbors — but Fido may give you some serious side eye.

The device is made of medical grade stainless steel and can deliver as much as 50W of ultrasonic cleaning punch to your tainted items. It plugs into any standard electrical outlet for easy operation.

As of October 2017, Sonic Soak has raised 1,122 percent of its fundraising goal. It sells for $125 and is expected to ship in early 2018.

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