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If you’re an avid water drinker, you definitely have a strong opinion on the best-tasting bottled water brand. To truly satisfy your tastebuds, a Berlin-based tech startup has created a smart home water system that allows you to customize your H2O from the comfort of your home.

Eliminating the need for plastic bottles, Mitte is a nifty device that purifies and enhances water with the use of essential minerals, which can be adjusted according to your needs. Launched on crowdfunding site Kickstarter this week, the smart home water system is inspired by the natural water cycle. It purifies water with a proprietary distillation-based method, and the founders claim the end result is 60 times cleaner than regular filtered water.

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The first step of Mitte’s water process is purification. Tap water is run through a four-step filtration process, which purifies it of all contaminants, including harmful hormones, nitrates, fluorides and microplastics. After purification, Mitte will filter out the contaminants and collect it as disposable waste water.

Next comes the second and final step of adding your customized minerals. Traditional purification systems remove contaminants and healthy minerals in water. Mitte uses a different approach by allowing users to choose what minerals they prefer in their water. By using mineral cartridges, users can personalize their H2O to suit their lifestyle. The replaceable cartridges come in three varieties, including a balanced, everyday water, a high-mineral water and a high PH water for detox and fitness benefits. Once the cartridge is placed in Mitte, the system mimics the process that occurs in nature when water flows through rocks and collects minerals along the way. Mitte’s system adds back all the minerals that other water purifiers typically remove.

Photo: Mitte/Kickstarter

Users can have additional control over their Mitte from their smartphone. With Mitte’s app, users can dispense water at a specific temperature and amount. The app also provides real-time information on water quality, machine usage, and monitors mineral cartridge levels.

So far, Mitte has raised over $87,000 USD of its $189,000 USD goal. The retail price of Mitte starts at $387 USD and the first shipment is slated for April 2018.

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