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Database technology company Oracle is leasing 176,000 square feet across multiple floors of the Russell Investments Center in Seattle. The company is also expanding into another 10,000 square feet of office space at the Century Square building, where its office is located today. The new leases total approximately 300,000 square of office space in Seattle for Oracle, reports GeekWire.

Oracle announced plans in August to hire 5,000 more new engineers, consultants, sales and support people. The new office space in Seattle would accommodate somewhere between 1,500 to 2,000 new employees.

The cloud computing company has had a presence in Seattle since 2014 when it moved to reap the benefits of the city’s wealth and giant pool of tech talent.

Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison recently caught the ire of Amazon, Seattle’s biggest office space tenant when he promised that customers who use Oracle’s latest Database 18c cloud-based services offering would pay less than half of what they would pay for similar technology from Amazon’s Web Services. Ellison even said that the computers of Oracle and Amazon were now engaged in “cyberwarfare.”

“Most people know already that this sounds like Larry being Larry,” said an Amazon spokesman, according to Business Insider. “No facts, wild claims, and lots of bluster.”

Oracle may never have the Seattle presence that Amazon has built, but it certainly has the pluck.

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