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Despite this year’s deluge of scandal and heartbreak, between the Ghost Ship Fire and the turnover of three police chiefs in just nine days, it seems tenants in Oakland are quite pleased with the city they call home. Zumper’s Annual Renter Survey for 2017 revealed that 75 percent of respondents were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with living in Oakland.

San Francisco and Berkeley also ranked high on the one through five satisfaction scale: 80 percent of San Franciscans selected either a four or a five, and Berkeley was not far behind at 76 percent.

Unsurprisingly, 63 percent of San Franciscans cited “work” as a reason to move into the city, while cost of living received an abysmal four percent. Out of all the cities included in the report, San Francisco reported the highest percentage of renters who moved there for work-related reasons. In Oakland, only a quick BART ride from San Francisco’s Financial District, 42 percent of respondents cited “work” as their primary motivation. Fifty percent chose “school” as a reason to move to Berkeley, home of the prestigious UC Berkeley.

When asked about the qualities people look for when moving, both Oakland and Berkeley renters overwhelmingly chose affordability, with Berkeley at 87 percent and Oakland at 85 percent. Neighborhood safety and commute were also major concerns, while local and state taxes were a low concern across the nation. And for San Franciscans? Their most biting concern turned out to be commute, which would seem ironic considering the city’s dimensions (seven miles by seven miles), but traffic is a doozy and public transportation is often unreliable.

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