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A new report written by scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NASA, and various universities and government agencies found that the seas bordering the coastal United States were “very likely” to rise up to four feet by 2100, while an eight-foot rise “can’t be excluded,” reports the Seattle Times.

Zillow analyzed the report further to determine how the sea-rise could impact the Seattle metro area. Zillow discovered that if Puget Sound-area waters rose six feet, then 5,042 homes across King, Snohomish and Pierce counties would be destroyed if not moved or raised. That means nearly 1 in every 200 homes in the region would be harmed.

Homes along West Seattle’s entire western waterfront would be in the most severe danger of flooding. Other homes along the lakefront north of Magnuson Park and near Rainier Valley would be threatened, as well as in the Eastlake neighborhood.

Overall, the homes threatened by rising seas have a combined value of $2.2 billion in the City of Seattle, and $4.7 billion across the metro area.

Though devastating, the impact in Seattle would be much smaller than in places along the East Coast. Nearly a quarter of homes would be flooded in Miami, and more than half would be underwater in Upper Township, New Jersey.

Seattle’s many hills and low density along the waterfront help limit the potential damage to the area. Your best bet on the water would be a houseboat on Lake Union. These homes are likely to survive because they can rise with the waters.

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