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In a city known for its microclimates and cultural diversity, the neighborhood where a San Franciscan chooses to live is paramount. Prefer Karl The Fog and an ocean breeze? Steer your moving van towards the Outer Richmond or Outer Sunset. Have an insatiable hunger for foil wrapped burritos as long as your forearm? Shell out for the Mission or find (slightly) cheaper rent in Bernal Heights and the Excelsior. And if you moved to San Francisco to work for a tech startup and can’t stand a commute longer than a five-minute walk, you’ll want a high-rise in SOMA or South Beach.

Of course it doesn’t always come down to preference alone, especially in the most expensive rental city in the nation. To help break it down for those more fiscally savvy, Zumper created a map detailing how expensive the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is per neighborhood. We suggest covering your eyes for this next part if you’re easily shocked.

The three most expensive neighborhoods — South Beach, SOMA and the Financial District at $3,700, $3,600 and $3,550, respectively — are located near the city’s highest concentration of Fortune 500 companies and VC-funded tech startups. These are also the neighborhoods with the highest concentration of homeless individuals, aside from the Tenderloin. In fact, a City report from earlier this year confirmed that half of the city’s homeless live in the Tenderloin and SOMA.

On the other side of the spectrum and a few miles south, Excelsior’s average rent rose 8.7 percent since last quarter, while Parkside, located inside the Sunset along Taraval Street, rose 11.4 percent. These two neighborhoods are known for housing multi-generational working class families and were left fairly unscathed by the tech boom of 2013. It looks like that may no longer be the case.

But some things do stay the same. The two most affordable neighborhoods, predictably, are the Tenderloin and Outer Sunset at $2,390 and $2,470.

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