Anyone walking into a modern new home presentation centre will quickly find themselves surrounded by 3D renderings, realistic animations and even virtual reality (VR). This sophisticated and immersive technology is at the forefront of real estate marketing. And, to stay competitive, developers must be quick to adopt it.

With so many homebuilders vying for the attention of buyers, it’s essential to find innovative ways to market new homes and the lifestyles they offer. However, given the rapid technological advancement and the range of options available, it can be a challenge to navigate through this digital world.


Toronto-based Designstor has simplified this process with Suite, an all-inclusive sales solution for new residential developments. Through working on major projects across North America, Designstor has developed a broad set of technical and creative skills, truly becoming a one-stop-shop for all real estate visualization needs. The creative technology and visualization firm has utilized its 17 years of experience, proprietary tools and thorough knowledge of the industry to offer clients this innovative, streamlined and cost-effective package.

“I always argue that these visual assets are the most important piece of real estate marketing,” says Nick Moshenko, ‎Founding Partner at Designstor. “In an environment such as ours where purchasers are settling on yet-to-be-built homes, how can they not be? It’s of utmost importance to have both high quality and the combination of all types in order to penetrate different channels.”


Launched last spring, Suite allows developers to create a complete visual sales experience that includes renderings, animation, social media content and VR all from one source. Clients can then incorporate these tools into their sales galleries to provide a complete interactive experience to help customers in their purchase decisions. The key components of Suite include Suite Render, Suite Movie, Suite Social and Suite VR.

Suite Render

At the heart of Suite is the project rendering which forms the foundation for all the other elements. The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words is especially true for new home construction. Photorealistic visualizations of a community or a home can attract homebuyers and investors and help them to envision the product long before it’s even constructed. A high quality rendering can communicate how a space looks and inspire people to visualize themselves within it.


Suite Movie

Video is an effective and essential tool for marketers in all industries and real estate is no exception. With Suite Movie, Designstor can create beautiful cinematic fly-throughs of a condominium project or home. Whether you want to show off interior living spaces, highlight upgraded finishes or feature amenities such as swimming pools and resident lounges, Designstor can create a sleek and engaging video to capture your customers’ attention.

Suite Social

If you’re not branded and streaming on social media, you’re already one step behind the competition. Having a strong social media presence is critical in maintaining your brand, connecting with the public, showcasing your products and simply staying relevant in the industry.

Suite Social works with your team to tailor imagery for your social strategy. Designstor will create a library of fresh, eye-catching content, including close-up images, cinemagraphs, teaser film clips or strategically cropped renderings. Plus, each asset is provided at the proper size for all social platforms so there’s no need to edit or format.

“We often see developers use the same few renderings or pieces of visual content in their social posts,” says Moshenko. “Suite Social provides more content of a developer’s actual product that can be used to promote via social channels. And since we are in complete control of the content and create everything virtually, we can make engaging pieces with minimal effort.”

Suite VR

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then virtual reality is worth a million. Suite leverages Designstor’s unique rendering workflow to create immersive VR experiences with minimal cost and effort. Suite VR takes your renderings to the next level by enabling consumers to “virtually” step inside a floorplan through an HTC Vive headset. With the headset on, users can walk through rooms, switch between finish packages and experience the actual views looking out the window.

For a comprehensive VR experience, Designstor also provides multi-platform content so virtual tours can be conducted inside the sales gallery or from the comfort of home. This allows your customers to access and tour your development at any time, ensuring your project stays fresh in their minds.

“Virtual reality is another tool to be used in combination with larger strategies,” says Moshenko. “I see VR complementing model suites and homes, both by expanding the options available to purchasers in a model suite and extending the sales experience to other locations.”

Designstor’s Suite offers an all-inclusive solution for new home builders to provide high quality visuals to enhance and help sell their developments. By looking at projects as a whole rather than in individual pieces, Suite can save developers time, money and resources.

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