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A San Francisco-based tech startup has transformed a traditional shower into a spa-like haven with a nifty shower head that creates a 360 degree experience. The Nebia Shower System sprays water from overhead and on the sides, blending the atmosphere of a relaxing steam room with a refreshing shower. Launched on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, by Nebia Inc., the simple device includes a sliding arm shower head and an attached wand.

Described as “stepping into a warm cloud,” Nebia breaks down water into millions of small droplets, released in specific patterns to create an invigorating shower. To achieve an immersive experience, the system uses H2Micro atomizing technology to increase the total surface area of water by 10 times. Meantime, the system uses up to 70 percent less water. According to Nebia Inc., the eco-friendly device will allow the average home of four to save approximately 20,000 gallons of water per year.

Photo: Nebia Inc./Indiegogo

Different from many traditional showers, Nebia includes a 25-inch sliding arm with a shower head that can glide up and down. Whether a parent or child is using the shower, Nebia’s arm can be adjusted to accommodate the spray pattern for all members of the household. Nebia also includes a wand, which is a key component for providing the 360 degree experience. Connected to Nebia’s base, the wand attaches to a magnetic dock and can be turned on to activate a simultaneous side spray. For a quick rinse off, users can also remove the wand from the dock and use it as a hand shower.

Photo: Nebia Inc./Indiegogo

For users who prefer harder water pressure, Nebia includes a strength mode that can boost water output while still saving up to 60 percent of the water compared to a conventional shower. If you don’t want to wash your hair, Nebia also has a head tilt feature that allows users to slide the arm down and adjust the head to avoid spraying from above.

The Nebia Shower System’s retail price is $649 USD.

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