Le creep, c’est chic. ?

1. Craft a colony of bats to scatter across your walls.

Photo: twiddlerhouse/Instagram

2. Add a touch of glam with decorative metallic pumpkins.

Photo: ashleytisdale/Instagram

3. Buy or DIY a seasonal doormat (like this one from Etsy).

Photo: liz.lauer/Instagram

4. Arrange a few bewitching decor items under a cloche.

Photo: parlourghosts/Instagram

5. Frighten your neighbors with skeleton flamingos.

Photo: kbetti/Instagram

6. Concoct your own “potions” in vintage glass bottles.

Photo: frickinbrittany/Instagram

7. Upgrade a simple grapevine wreath with decor from the dollar store.

Photo: sterlingquiltco/Instagram

8. Trick out your space with a few Halloween throw pillows.

Photo: farmhousefix/Instagram

9. Or turn an existing pillow into a mummy using gauze and oversized googly eyes.

Photo: clockworkdesign/Instagram

10. Create a mad scientist’s lab using test tubes, beakers and plastic rats.

Photo: vee.zel/Instagram

11. Turn a pumpkin (or decorative skull) into a succulent planter.

Photo: axismundiplants/Instagram

12. Use old, weathered books to add height to a macabre vignette.

Photo: lalunedesigns/Instagram

13. Carve ornamental gourds into festive votives.

Photo: nikiemmi/Instagram

14. Make your own paper triangle bunting.

Photo: missyankeebelle/Instagram

15. Drape tattered cheesecloth over a fireplace mantle.

Photo: lorilinephotography/Instagram

16. Use Scrabble letters to spell out a spooky message.

Photo: camitiffin/Instagram

17. Give off Edgar Allan Poe vibes with feathered ravens.

Photo: pineconesandplumes/Instagram

18. Give your guests a scare with these mischievous paper mice.

Photo: thefestivefarmhouse/Instagram

19. Scrawl a wicked message across a chalkboard in gilded frame.

Photo: ourcabincouture/Instagram

20. Decorate your tablescape with withering, dried flowers.

Photo: etchedincolloquy/Instagram

21. Make a temporary gallery wall using free printables and washi tape frames.

Photo: mauveraven/Instagram

22. Arrange bare, spiky branches in a tall vase.

Photo: eclectichome/Instagram

23. And finally, display ghostly black and white vintage portraits.

Photo: wildrosecountryhome/Instagram

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