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The 600-acre community of Walden Monterey is marketed towards those with sturdy, high-end hiking boots and deep pockets. Inspired by nature-wanderer, poet and essayist Henry David Thoreau, it’s an opportunity for Silicon Valley’s tech elite to disconnect from their smart devices and reconnect with primordial simplicity.

But getting back to basics doesn’t come cheap — or at least not in California. A 15-acre lot at Walden Monterey will run you an average of $5 million. Then, of course, there’s the additional cost of building the home itself, which adds up to another $5 million.

The gated homes will have a net-zero impact on the environment with access to renewable energy. Owners will also enjoy a sunrise yoga platform, Zen meditation gardens, an outdoor communal farm table, hiking trails, a visiting artists program to help educate residents on nature and sustainable systems, plus a “TED-like discussion series.”

The man behind Walden Monterey is Nickolas Jekogian, the CEO of Signature Group Investments and a real estate entrepreneur. In the onboarding email for the development he writes, “When I first purchased the property I was totally hypnotized by it. I decided to get out of my comfort zone and pitch a tent to stay onsite for a week.” His solo camping trek parallels the pastoral idealism behind Walden, Thoreau’s famous observations on removing oneself from civilization. However, the difference here is that Jekogian is touting the merits of a community rather a solitary experience.

By fall of 2017, eight of the 22 lots should be available for purchase.

Photo: Nick Trum/Vimeo

Photo: Nick Trum/Vimeo

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