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The Bullitt Center on Capitol Hill is already known across the globe as the greenest commercial building in the world, but plans for a new Seattle apartment building at 1800 Terry may prove a worthy challenger.

Featuring a new form of modular construction created by Seattle architecture firm CollinsWoerman and an affiliate called Sustainable Living Innovations, the 436 units will be built offsite in a factory and then shipped to and stacked on the property, reports PSBJ.

Sustainable Living Innovations was launched nine years ago with the goal of reducing the time to design and build mid- and high-rise buildings by 50 percent. CollinsWoerman joined forces with Intellectual Ventures of Bellevue in 2014 and formed Innovative Building Technologies LLC. The companies built a six-story modular project called 47+7 in Seattle’s University District that won a city-sponsored award for best mid-rise project in the building technology division.

The completed tower at 1800 Terry will be 440 feet tall, solar-powered and recognized as one of the tallest modular construction buildings in the world. To add to the green features, the building will have a system to treat and reuse grey water waste from baths, sinks and washing machines.

Construction of the tower will begin next spring or summer.

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