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Instead of tossing and turning all night in bed because you can’t fall asleep, a French tech startup has come up with a “cool” device to solve your sleeping woes.

Moona is a temperature-controlled smart system that induces and deepens sleep using water regulation inside your pillow. Launched on crowdfunding site Kickstarter this week, Moona consists of a memory foam pad that rests on top of your pillow to provide cooling and heating temperature control for your head and neck. Instead of flipping the pillow to the cooler side in the middle of the night, Moona will regulate a cool temperature in your pillow throughout your sleep.

Photo: Moona/Kickstarter

Moona includes four key elements: a bedside device, a water circulation tube, a sleep sensor and a memory foam pad. The bedside device acts as Moona’s control panel, regulating the temperature and tracking the user’s sleep environment. The water circulation tube is attached to the bedside device and the sleep sensor, which is located in the memory foam pad. To use Moona, users slip the pad into their pillow case and can control the system using Moona’s app.

By gradually cooling down your pillow, Moona will help decrease your body temperature,naturally inducing sleep. The device will also adjust the temperature under your head throughout the night, allowing you to stay cool and maintain a deeper sleep.

With the app, you can setup key features to get more zzz’s during your sleep. A wake-up time can be set, where your pillow will start warming up slowly to help trigger a more natural wake-up call. Moona is able to track your movements at night and display results in your app to give you insight on your sleep quality. The smart system can run a bedroom environment analysis, studying your room temperature, humidity and ambient light sensors in correlation with your sleep patterns. The app can also give you customized sleep tips using the data gathered by the sensors and your input.

Moona can be used with any standard pillow and its creators say the system is very silent while in use. So far, Moona has raised over $85,720 USD, surpassing its $50,000 USD goal. The smart device retails at $249 USD and the first shipment is slated for June 2018.

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