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Instead of relying solely on your fire alarm, a Virginia-based tech company has created a simple smart device to alert you about potential fire hazards in your home.

Eyetemp is a mini fire prevention tool that can stick onto any heating device and send notifications about the device’s activity through its mobile app. Launched on crowdfunding site Indiegogo this week, the Wi-Fi enabled tool can be placed on any item around your household that generates heat.

The smart device includes an adhesive sticker and can be placed onto any heated device, from a coffee pot to a candle. Eyetemp comes with long-lasting batteries and its own smartphone app which can send users alerts about a heating device’s activity, including if the device experiences drastic temperature increases.

Photo: Eyetemp/Indiegogo

Users can set the types of alerts they want to receive on their app depending on the type of appliance that is being monitoring. For example, the time alert will let you know if your device has been left on for too long, according to pre-set time ranges. Also, if the temperature of a device sees dramatic changes then an alert will be sent about a potentially dangerous situation.

If you leave your home while an item is being monitored by Eyetemp, the app will send you an alert that the item is still in use. The app also has the ability to add up to three emergency contacts in case you do not respond to your alerts after a certain amount of time. In this case, the app will then send a text to your emergency contacts notifying them about an emergency.

So far, the device has raised over $2,000 on Indiegogo. Eyetemp starts at $29 USD and the first shipment is slated for May 2018.

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