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If your air conditioner left you feeling too cold or too hot this summer, Ambi Climate could be your next go-to gadget for indoor climate control. Its smart sensors help users fully automate their units, turning standard air conditioners into high-tech, money saving smart devices.

The Indiegogo-funded device works with a user’s existing remote controlled air conditioning unit, and measures thermal comfort by examining humidity, outside weather conditions, sunlight, and even the user’s metabolic cycle — all of which can impact climate comfort, say the makers of Ambi Climate.

Users can let Ambi Climate know when they’re too hot or too cold. Its robust AI software engine compiles the data and creates a unique climate profile which automatically adjusts the temperature according to the user’s thermal comfort preferences. Ambi Climate learns under what conditions you are the most comfortable, and adjusts the temperature accordingly.


The device itself is compact and sleek with a wood base, making it feel more “domestic.” Ambi Climate’s design was streamlined to make it add as little clutter to your home or office as possible and seamlessly blend into your lifestyle.

Ambi Climate can reduce energy consumption by up 30 percent by smartly managing air conditioner use. The device virtually eliminates overheating and overcooling, its creators claim.

Smart device integration makes setting up and “teaching” Ambi Climate effortless.

As of August 2017, Ambi Climate received over 300 percent of its desired funding. The second generation edition of this gadget begins shipping in October for $129.

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